Friday, 9 November 2018

Safety on a filght


  1. Mōrena Ellawisha,
    Thanks for sharing your animation. I can see you have included one safety tip reminding everyone to turn their phones onto flight mode but then I can't see any other safety tips. Can you remember the other tips? What ones could you add to your animation? Before the plane crashes what will happen? Do you remember what the oxygen masks will do? Where are the lifejackets? It would be good if you added some more tips. Let me know if you need any help.
    Ka kite

  2. hey there Ellawisha nice slide i have a friend that loves minecraft

  3. hi my name is corbyn there is a boy at our school named lyrik he plays minecraft all the time check out his blog.

  4. this was a good blog post but still i agree with tania because the only tip i saw in the whole animation was to turn your phone onto flight mode but what would you do in an emergency😱😱😫
    other than that it was a good blog post and iḿ intervened to see more.